RSNA 2022

108th Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America


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Welcome Message From RSNA -

Mark your calendar! The Radiological Society of North America’s 108th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting (RSNA)  is scheduled to take place November 27 to 01 December at McCormick Place in Chicago. 

More than 85000 worldwide attendees will attend this meeting this year. RSNA International Meeting is the largest radiological meeting in the world that brings together professionals from all areas of radiological medicine. Connect with your colleagues for an unmatched educational experience featuring exceptional sessions from leading radiological experts.

Educational sessions, training courses, presentations, lectures, and exhibition will be held for the attendees of the convention. Participants will also get an opportunity to form new connections and meet new peers for mutual learning and growth.

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Get ready for Chicago, Illinois!

This expansive annual programme will be held in the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois USA. Connect with your colleagues for an unmatched educational experience featuring exceptional sessions from leading Neurology experts. Educational sessions, training courses, presentations, lectures, and exhibition will be held for the attendees of the convention. Participants will also get an opportunity to form new connections and meet new peers for mutual learning and growth. This congress centre has also played host to the annual meeting on multiple occasions, and repeat visitors will be familiar with its bright, open spaces, generous meeting rooms and superb location.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Chicago, Illinois!

Venue Information: The RSNA 2022 is set to be held at the McCormick Place 2301 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60616, USA. Illinois' most famous city, the Windy City, as it's known, sits on the shore of Lake Michigan. It's home to numerous cultural attractions and fantastic buildings designed by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan.

Venue: McCormick Place

Address : 2201 Fort Dearborn Dr, Chicago, IL 60616, USA

26 Nov

1:00 PM



    1 pm–2 pm

    SAT02 AAPM/RSNA Physics Tutorial Session 1: Theranostics and the Novel Application of Radionuclides in Interventional Procedures PH

    1 pm–5 pm

    SAT01 NIH Grantsmanship Workshop NI

    2:15 pm–3:15 pm

    SAT03 AAPM/RSNA Physics Tutorial Session 2: A Radiation Oncologist Perspective on Advanced Imaging Methods for Treating and

    Managing Prostate Cancer

1:00 PM - 3:15 PM

McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois USA

27 Nov

9:00 AM




    9 – 10 AM

    S1-CBR01 Essentials of Breast Imaging: Symptomatic Practice BR

    S1-CGI01 Jeopardy: GI/GU Cases GI

    S1-CIN01 Cybersecurity for Radiology Practices IN

    S1-CIR01 Basic and Translational Research in IR — How I Get Started IR

    S1-CMS01 Radiology Department Pandemic Response — Lessons Learned and Preparing for the Next Contagion MS

    S1-CNMMI02 Response Assessment: Read with the Experts NM MI

    S1-CNPM01 Unprofessionalism in the Workplace NI

    S1-CNPM05 Controversies in Imaging Utilization NI

    S1-CNR01 Advances in Cerebrovascular Imaging NR

    S1-CPH14 Making Patients and Staff Safer in Interventional Procedures PH

    S1-CRI01 Obstetric Emergencies RI

    S1-CVA01 Cardiovascular Imaging Manifestations of COVID-19: What the Radiologist Needs to Know VA

    S1-RCP06 Humanism in Radiology: Combatting Burnout and Robots (Sponsored by the RSNA Public Information Committee)


    10:30  – 11:30 AM

    S2-CCA01 Rapid Fire: 60 Cardiac Cases in 60 Minutes CA

    S2-CCH04 Thoracic Malignancy I: Imaging Treatment in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer CH

    S2-CGU01 Intravenous Contrast Media GU

    S2-CIN02 Solving Your AI Roadmap Gaps: A Case-Based Approach and Test of Your Knowledge IN

    S2-CMK01 Knee MRI: How I Do It MK

    S2-CMS16 Emergency Ultrasound Pitfalls and Pearls: Challenging Cases MS

    S2-CNPM10 Principles of Cost Effectiveness Research NI

    S2-CPD01 Pediatric Emergencies PD

    S2-RCP18 Taking Action to Promote Gender Inclusion and Equity in Radiology: Opportunities for Leadership and Academic Development


    1 – 2 PM

    S3-CBR02 Breast MRI: Increase the Value BR


    S3-CGU02 Multi-organ Assessment Local Treatment Response


    1 pm–2 pm

    S3-CHN01 A Symptom-based Approach to Head and Neck Pathology HN

    S3-CIN03 Hoping for the Best, Planning for the Worst: Ensuring Platform Speed, Reliability, and Disaster Recovery for Your Practice IN

    S3-CIR02 Interventional Oncology — What’s New? IR

    S3-CMS03 Emergency Radiology Coverage: Clinical and Personnel Challenges MS

    S3-CNPM03 Addressing Organizational Bias, Opportunity for Allyship, and Inclusive Leadership NI

    S3-CNR02 Acute Ischemic Stroke Imaging and Treatment: Debates and Controversies NR

    S3-CPD02 Pediatric Oncology PD

    S3-CRI02 Pelvic Pain: Non Pregnancy-related RI

    S3-CRO04 Musculoskeletal — Case-based Multidisciplinary Review RO

    S3-RCP13 3D Printing: Clinical Applications (Sponsored by the RSNA 3D Printing Special Interest Group) IN

    S3-RCP24 Desafíos de la Educación en Radiología en Tiempos de Pandemia — Sesion del Colegio Interamericano de Radiologia (CIR) en Español/

    Challenges of Radiological Education during Pandemic Times — Session of the Interamerican College Radiology (CIR) in Spanish


    2:30 pm–3:30 pm

    S4-CCA02 Transcatheter Intervention Planning: Case Based Review CA

    S4-CCH02 Thoracic HRCT Advanced Topics CH

    S4-CIN04 Radiology Informatics: Implications of Legislation IN

    S4-CMK02 Shoulder Imaging: How I Do It MK

    S4-CMS04 Metabolic Tumor Imaging (Head to Toe) for the General Radiologist MS

    S4-CNPM04 Mentorship, Sponsorship, and Coaching: Not Just for Early Career NI

    S4-CPH02 Innovations in Dual and Multi-Energy CT PH

    S4-CVA02 Inflammatory Vascular Diseases: Imaging Findings and Complications VA

    S4-RCP11 An Introduction to the Learning Healthcare System and Tackling the Critical Data Hurdles (Sponsored by the RSNA Research Development Committee) NI

    S4-RCP15 Bring On Your Game: Audience Interactive Competitive Hot Seat Review of Best of the Case Collection (MSK, GU, CHEST, BREAST, PEDS) MS


    4 pm–5 pm

    S5-PL01 President’s Address and Opening Session

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois USA

28 Nov

8:00 AM




    8 am–9 am

    M1-CAS01 Artificial Intelligence in the Hands of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Professionals Part I: AI in Practice RT

    M1-CBR03 Contrast Enhanced Mammography BR

    M1-CCH03 Lung Cancer Screening CH

    M1-CGI03 Pancreatic Tumor Imaging GI

    M1-CGU03 GU Specific Diagnostic Classification Systems GU

    M1-CIN05 Best Practices in Radiology: Clinical Decision Support Rollout IN

    M1-CIR11 GU/Lymphatic Interventions IR

    M1-CMK12 Normal or Not? The Borderlands of Imaging Findings MK

    M1-CMS05 Review and Update on Blunt and Penetrating Thoracic Trauma MS

    M1-CNR03 Imaging Gliomas: The Good, Bad and Ugly NR

    M1-CPD03 Neonatal Imaging: A Primer for the NICU PD

    M1-CPH04 Deep Learning in CT Imaging PH

    M1-CRI03 What’s New in Fetal and Obstetric Imaging RI

    M1-CRO02 Head & Neck — Case-based Multidisciplinary Review RO

    M1-RCP03 Moving Beyond the Gender Binary: Exploring the Gender Spectrum and Diversity in Patient Care, Education, and Research

    (Sponsored by the RSNA Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)


    M1-RCP08 Performance Metrics: Must Haves (Sponsored by the RSNA Quality Improvement Committee) MS

    M1-RCP29 Mentored Cardiac CT Angiography Case Review: Part I


    8 am–9:30 am

    M1-RCP41 Spain Presents: Why Do Spaniards Live So Long? Imaging of Longevity NI

    8 am–12 pm

    M1-RCP25 MESH Incubator Presents: The CORE Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp: AI, Digital and More MS

    9:30 am–10:30 am

    M2-CAS02 Artificial Intelligence in the Hands of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Professionals Part II: A Future with AI RT

    M2-CCA03 Nonischemic Cardiomyopathies: Case Based Review CA

    M2-CIN06 Partnering with Clinical Colleagues on a Point of Care Ultrasound Program IN

    M2-CMS06 Review and Update on Blunt and Penetrating Abdominopelvic Trauma MS

    M2-CNR04 Essentials in Trauma Imaging: Shedding Light on the Dark Side of Neuroradiology


    9:30 am–10:30 am

    M2-CPH03 Practical Aspects of MRI PH

    M2-RCP02 Inclusion as a Key to Success of Diversity Efforts (Sponsored by the RSNA Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) NI

    M2-RCP21 Professionalism as an Educator in Radiology: Strategies to Engage Learners in Person and Virtually (Sponsored by RSNA Professionalism Committee) NI

    M2-RCP30 Mentored Cardiac CT Angiography Case Review: Part II CA

    M2-RCP46 Basic Physics Lecture for the RT: Advanced Applications in Radiography — Dual Energy, Tomosynthesis, and Dynamic Digital Radiography PH


    11 am–11:45 am

    M3-PL02 Plenary Session: Radiology in the Value-Based Healthcare Arena: Player or Pawn? NI

    11 am–12 pm

    M3-CAS03 Radiation Safety Culture for Technologists RT

    M3-CIN08 The AI Revolution: Recent Advancements in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing in Medical Imaging IN

    M3-CMS07 Review and Update on Imaging of Acute Abdominal Pain MS


    1 pm–4:30 pm

    M4-RCP26 MESH Incubator Presents: The CORE Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp: Putting It Together — Crucial Aspects to Successful Implementation

    1:30 pm–2:30 pm

    M4-CAS04 AI Productivity — The Dash for Cash RT

    M4-CCH05 Thoracic Imaging Practice — Polling Session CH

    M4-CGI04 Management of Cystic Pancreatic Lesions GI

    M4-CHN02 Read Like the Experts: Hands-on Staging of Head and Neck Cancer HN

    M4-CIN07 The Imaging Informatics Clinical Interspace Between Radiology and Pathology IN

    M4-CIR09 Liver Cancer Interventions IR

    M4-CMK04 Musculoskeletal Infection and Its Mimics: Pearls and Pitfalls MK

    M4-CMS08 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Oncologic Imaging MS

    M4-CNMMI01 PET/MR Update 2022 NM MI

    M4-CNPM06 Health Policy Agenda: Are Radiologists at the Table? NI

    M4-CPD05 Pediatric Chest and Beyond: New Pathology PD

    M4-RCP01 Flexible Work Arrangements and Their Impact on Advancement of Women in Radiology (Sponsored by the American Association for Women in Radiology) NI

    M4-RCP31 Mentored Cardiac CT Angiography Case Review: Part III CA

    M4-RCP48 Best of Clinical Trials at RSNA 2022


    1:30 pm–5:30 pm

    M4-RCP47 Physics Symposium: Image Guidance in Radiation Therapy: Best of Summer School PH

    3 pm–3:30 pm

    M5-RCP49 Fast 5 NI

    3 pm–4 pm

    M5-CAS05 Take Control of Your Workday RT

    M5-CIN09 Ethics of AI in Radiology IN

    M5-CMS09 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Emergency Radiology MS

    M5-CNPM22 Peer-Review Methods: Useful or Useless? NI

    M5-CVA03 Imaging of Acute Coronary Syndromes VA

    M5-RCP32 Mentored Case Review: Part IV CA


    3:30 pm–5 pm

    M6-RCP50 Image Interpretation Session NI

    4:30 pm–6 pm

    M6-RCP10 A Primer for Health Equity Research: Essential Skills for Health Equity & Disparities Research in Radiology (Sponsored by the RSNA Research

    Development Committee)

    5 pm–6 pm

    M6-CAS06 Implementing the Critical Relationships of Quality and Performance for Effective Imaging Services RT

    M6-CBR04 AI in Breast Imaging BR

    M6-CCA04 Infections and Inflammatory Cardiac Disorders: Case Based Review CA

    M6-CIN10 Data Sharing and Patient Privacy in the World of AI IN

    M6-CMS10 Update on Whole Body MRI for Pediatric Malignancies MS

    M6-CNPM08 Getting the Biggest Bang for the Buck in Screening: Risk-Stratification NI

    M6-CPH05 Deep Learning in MRI PH

    M6-CRI04 Hiding in Plain Site: Endometriosis RI

    M6-CRO03 Lung, Mediastinum, Pleura — Case-based Multidisciplinary Review RO

    M6-CVA04 Multimodal Imaging of Basic Vascular Anatomy and Vascular Variants VA


    5 pm–6:30 pm

    M6-RCP23 Shark Tank (Sponsored by the Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research)

8:00 AM - 6:30 PM

McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois USA

29 Nov

8:00 AM




    8 am–9 am

    T1-CAS07 Patient Voice: The Power of Patient Engagement on Education and Service Development RT

    T1-CCA05 Role of Imaging in Cardio-Oncology CA

    T1-CHN03 Post Operative Head and Neck HN

    T1-CIN11 When Machines Fail IN

    T1-CNR06 Practical Epilepsy Imaging: Pearls and Pitfalls / The Misses NR

    T1-CPH06 Innovations in MR and CT Perfusion PH

    T1-CRI05 Imaging of Infertility RI

    T1-CRO01 CNS — Case-based Multidisciplinary Review RO

    T1-CVA05 Multimodal Imaging of Venous Congestion Syndromes: Pearls and Pitfalls VA

    T1-RCP04 The Experiences of Black Radiologists (Sponsored by the RSNA Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) NI

    T1-RCP16 Bring On Your Game: Audience Interactive Competitive Hot Seat Review of Best of the Case Collection (NUCS, NEURO, GI, IR) MS

    T1-RCP33 Case-based Review of Nuclear Medicine: PET/CT Workshop — Brain/Head & Neck (In Conjunction with SNMMI) NM MI

    8 am–9:30 am

    T1-CCH01 HRCT Interpretation Session CH

    T1-RCP27 Argentina Presents: Developments and Improvement in Diagnostic Imaging MS

    8 am–10 am

    T1-CGU07 A GU Audience Participation Session


    9:30 am–10:30 am

    T2-CAS08 Career Ladders: Navigating Your Way RT

    T2-CBR05 Case Based Breast Review: CESM & MRI BR

    T2-CGI05 Case-based Review of GI Imaging GI

    T2-CMK05 Hot Topic: AI in MSK — What You Need to Know MK

    T2-CMS11 Update on Whole Body MRI for Adult Malignancies MS

    T2-CPD06 Pediatric Lumps and Bumps: Imaging Differential Diagnosis PD

    T2-RCP34 Case-based Review of Nuclear Medicine: PET/CT Workshop — Chest (In Conjunction with SNMMI) NM MI

    11 am–12 pm

    T3-PL03 Plenary Session NI

    T3-CMS25 Nuclear Medicine in the Acute Setting


    11 am–12 pm

    T3-CRT01 How CT Protocols Affect Technologist Repeat Rates, Throughput, and Image Quality RT

    1:30 pm–2:30 pm

    T4-CCH06 Practical Chest MRI CH

    T4-CHN04 Horse or Zebra: Case-based Review of Common Mimics in Head and Neck HN

    T4-CIN12 The Business of Artificial Intelligence in Radiology: A Cost, a Long-term Investment or an Immediate Business Opportunity? IN

    T4-CIR10 MSK Interventions IR

    T4-CMS12 Non-traumatic Emergency Thoracic CT Angiography MS

    T4-CNPM02 The Resonant Leader: Stories of Impactful Leaders NI

    T4-CPD04 Pediatric Small Parts Ultrasound: When to Worry or Not PD

    T4-CRO05 Lymphoma — Case-based Multidisciplinary Review RO

    T4-CRT02 Not All Breast Implants are Created Equal: A Review of Implant Imaging, Indications and Implications RT

    T4-RCP35 Case-based Review of Nuclear Medicine: PET/CT Workshop — Abdomen (In Conjunction with SNMMI) NM MI

    T4-RCP43 Young Investigators Papers in Cancer Imaging MS

    1:30 pm–4:30 pm

    T4-RCP22 RSNA Resident and Fellow Symposium 2022


    3 pm–4 pm

    T5-CGI06 Focused/Fast Abdomino-Pelvic MRI Protocols GI

    T5-CIN13 Looking Beyond the Hype: A Scientific Perspective on AI in Imaging IN

    T5-CMK06 Arthritis: When is it NOT Osteoarthritis MK

    T5-CMS14 Forensic Imaging MS

    T5-CNPM11 Essentials of Diagnostic Accuracy Assessment NI

    T5-CRT03 Current Use of MRI in Radiation Oncology RT

    T5-CVA06 Imaging of Vascular Trauma: Optimize Imaging Techniques to Limit Imaging Time — How I Do It VA

    T5-RCP36 Case-based Review of Nuclear Medicine: PET/CT Workshop — Prostate (In Conjunction with SNMMI) NM MI

    T5-RCP44 Non Physician Radiology Providers (NPRP) NI

    5 pm–6 pm

    T6-CBR06 Management of B3 Risk for Upgrade Lesions: Breast Lesions BR

    T6-CCA06 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in CV Imaging


    5 pm–6 pm

    T6-CCH07 Pearls and Pitfalls in Chest Radiography CH

    T6-CGI07 Dual- and Multi-energy CT of the Abdomen: Today and Tomorrow GI

    T6-CIR03 International IR Keynotes IR

    T6-CMK07 Musculoskeletal Tumors: To Touch or Not to Touch? MK

    T6-CMS13 Non-traumatic Emergency Abdominopelvic CT Angiography MS

    T6-CNMMI03 Nuclear Cardiology: Read with the Experts NR MI

    T6-CNPM12 Principles of Health Care Delivery & Safety NI

    T6-CNR05 Molecular Imaging of the Brain: Ready for Clinical Use? NR

    T6-CPD07 Mimics in Pediatric Imaging: Do Not Miss! PD

    T6-CPH07 Innovations in MRI PH

    T6-CRO06 Gynecologic — Case-based Multidisciplinary Review RO

    T6-CRT04 Technologist Story Telling Panel: An Experimental Learning Tool for Mental Health Education and Practice for Medical Radiation Technologists

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois USA

30 Nov

8:00 AM




    8 am–9 am

    W1-CBR07 Supplemental Imaging in Breast Screening BR

    W1-CCH08 Fundamental of Diffuse Lung Disease CH

    W1-CGI08 Hot Topic: Imaging Biomarkers in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease GI

    W1-CIN15 AI Governance IN

    W1-CIR04 Novel Technologies IR

    W1-CMK08 Hip Consensus & Controversies: The Labrum, Impingement Syndromes, & MR Arthrography MK

    W1-CMS15 Spine Emergencies MS

    W1-CNMMI04 Pediatric Nuclear Medicine: Read with the Experts NR MI

    W1-CPH08 Innovations in Hybrid Imaging PH

    W1-CRI06 The Enlarged Uterus: Fibroids and Adenomyosis RI

    W1-CRT05 The Changing World of Contraband Smuggling RT

    W1-RCP37 RSNA/ESR Symposium: Current Status of Stroke Workup and Treatment NR


    9:30 am–10:30 am

    W2-CCA07 Efficient and Focused Cardiac MRI CA

    W2-CGU04 Prostate MR/Molecular Imaging (Core-Advanced) GU

    W2-CHN05 Case-based Review: Head and Neck Imaging HN

    W2-CIN17 Natural Language Processing in 2022 IN

    W2-CMS02 Hot Topics in Emergency Radiology MS

    W2-CNPM13 Personalized Imaging: From Acquisition to Treatment NI

    W2-CNR07 Systematic Approach to Hard Cases: Pediatric ‘Neuro-Radiology’ Case Based-Review NR

    W2-CRT06 Standards of Ethics in Practice RT

    W2-CVA07 Multimodal Aortic Imaging: What the Radiologist Needs to Know and What the Surgeon Wants to Know VA

    W2-RCP14 Hands-on Course: 3D Printed Anatomic Models (Sponsored by the RSNA 3D Printing Special Interest Group) IN

    W2-RCP38 RSNA/ESR Symposium: Practical Stroke Imaging and Mimics


    11 am–12 pm

    W3-PL04 Exciting Radiology Game Show: What’s Your Emergency? Life in the STAT Lane NI MS

    W3-CIN18 How Does AI in Medical Imaging Work? — Learn by Creating Your Own Model IN

    W3-CNPM14 Engaging Patients: Opportunities and Challenges


    11 am–12 pm

    W3-CRT07 A New Paradigm for Digital Radiographic Technique Selection and Image Assessment RT

    1:30 pm–2:30 pm

    W4-CBR08 Controversy Session: To Look or Not to Look — Does Every Woman with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Need Axillary Imaging? BR

    W4-CCH09 Pulmonary Vascular Imaging: Current Issues CH

    W4-CIN19 Medical Imaging and Data Resource Center: A Multi-Society Approach to Advance Research on COVID-19 and Other Diseases IN

    W4-CIR08 Portal Hypertension IR

    W4-CMK09 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: Pathologic Conditions and Hands-on Demo MK

    W4-CNMMI05 Nuclear Cardiology, Correlative Imaging and Incidental Pulmonary Nodules NR MI

    W4-CNPM15 Medicolegal Issues and Managing Risk NI

    W4-CPD09 Fetal Imaging PD

    W4-CPH09 Digital PET in Current Radiology Practices PH

    W4-CRO07 Genitourinary — Case-based Multidisciplinary Review RO

    W4-CRT08 Anatomy of an Imaging Malpractice Lawsuit RT

    W4-RCP19 Engaging the Mid-career Radiologist: Challenges, Retention and Opportunities (Sponsored by the RSNA Professionalism Committee) NI

    W4-RCP39 RSNA/ESR Symposium: Endovascular Treatment


    3 pm–4 pm

    W5-PL05 Plenary Session: Addressing the Continued Exclusion of Black Physicians in the US Radiation Oncology Workforce NI RO

    W5-CCA09 State of the Art Coronary CT CA

    W5-CIN21 Demystifying Population Health: What Does It Mean for Radiologists in 2022 IN

    W5-CMS17 Practical Multi-Energy CT In Routine Clinical Practice MS

    W5-CNPM16 The Impact of Radiology Extenders NI

    W5-CNR08 Neuroradiology Reporting Do’s and Don’ts NR

    W5-CRT09 Concepts of Radioactivity and Radiation Protection RT

    W5-RCP17 Meet the Editor: How to Publish and Get Involved with the RSNA Case Collection (RCC) NI

    W5-RCP40 RSNA/ESR Symposium: The Future Strategy for Stroke Thrombectomy NR

    W5-RCP42 AOSR-RSNA Joint Symposium MS

    5 pm–6 pm

    W6-CBR09 Staging for Metastatic Disease in Breast Cancer


    5 pm–6 pm

    W6-CCA08 Cardiac Imaging in Private Practice: Lessons Learned CA

    W6-CCH10 Thoracic Malignancy II: Beyond Non-small Cell Lung Cancer CH

    W6-CGI09 Crohn Disease Imaging GI

    W6-CIN20 Data Element Standardization in Radiology IN

    W6-CIR05 Career Planning and Leadership Development IR

    W6-CMK10 “Battle of the Titans!”: Contrasting Views from Extreme Experts MK

    W6-CMS18 MRI Protocols in the Emergency Room MS

    W6-CNMMI06 Molecular Imaging and Targeted Therapy: Prostate Cancer NR MI

    W6-CNPM17 Practice Standards: High-Value Structured Reporting NI

    W6-CNR09 Emerging Neuroimaging Technology: What Does the Future Hold? NR

    W6-CPD08 Controversies in Pediatric GU Imaging PD

    W6-CPH10 Data Curation for AI with Proper Medical Imaging Physics Context PH

    W6-CRO08 Pediatric - Case-based Multidisciplinary Review RO

    W6-CRT10 Let’s Get Lifted! Elevating Yourself as an Imaging Professional through Advocacy, Engagement and Ethics RT

    W6-RCP05 Trailblazers in Health Equity: Lessons Learned & Leadership Opportunities to Advance Health Equity in Radiology and Beyond

    (Sponsored by the RSNA Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)


    W6-RCP28 The Science and Practice of Image-Based Screening: Radiologist Educational and Leadership Opportunities

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois USA

01 Dec

8:00 AM




    8 am–9 am

    R1-CCA10 Is Parametric Mapping an Essential Part of Cardiac MRI? CA

    R1-CIN22 Chasing the Holy Grail: Reducing Radiation Dose and Improving Image Quality IN

    R1-CIR06 Practice Building in IR IR

    R1-CMS19 Challenging Fractures in the Emergent Setting MS

    R1-CNMMI07 Molecular Imaging and Targeted Therapy: NETS and Thyroid Cancer NR MI

    R1-CNPM18 COVID Conundra: Imaging Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic NI

    R1-CNPM20 Making the Most of Radiologist Peer-Learning Tools NI

    R1-CNR10 Artificial Intelligence in Neuroimaging: Where Are We Now? NR

    R1-CRI07 Updates in Adnexal Imaging and Reporting RI

    R1-CRO09 Breast Oncodiagnostic Session RO

    R1-RCP07 Improving Patient Experience through Human Design Thinking (Sponsored by the RSNA Public Information Committee) NI

    9:30 am–10:30 am

    R2-CBR10 Minimizing Treatment in Early Breast Cancer BR

    R2-CCH11 Acute and Chronic Lung Injury CH

    R2-CGI10 Essentials of GI Imaging GI

    R2-CIN23 The New Normal: Home Workstations, Teleradiology and Remote Reading IN

    R2-CMK11 Practical Tips and Tricks: How I Do and Interpret Advanced CT & MRI MK

    R2-CMS20 Oncologic Emergencies MS

    R2-CNPM19 Essentials of Quality Research and Practice Standards NI

    R2-CPH11 MRI Safety PH

    R2-RCP12 An Introduction for Radiologists to the Learning Healthcare System: Pragmatic Trials: Yes, We Can Randomize (Sponsored by the RSNA Research

    Development Committee)


    11 am–12 pm

    R3-CPH01 AAPM/RSNA Symposium: Together We Can Make a Difference PH

    R3-CIN24 Quality, Patient Safety and Performance Improvement Using Informatics Tools to Measure, Display and Monitor Performance IN

    R3-CMS21 Pediatric Emergencies: Must Know Diagnoses MS

    R3-CNMMI08 Neurologic Molecular Imaging Applications NR MI

    R3-CNPM09 Implementing Evidence-based Imaging Practices

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois USA

01 Dec Cont.

11:00 AM


    11 am–12 pm

    R3-CNPM21 Innovating Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic NI

    1:30 pm–2:30 pm

    R4-CGI11 Colorectal Imaging GI

    R4-CGU05 PI-RADS Hands-On Workshop GU

    R4-CHN07 Case-based Review in Neuro and Head and Neck Imaging: Tumor or Tumor Mimic? HN

    R4-CIN25 Grappling with the Black Box: Semi-supervised and Unsupervised Learning in Medical Imaging AI IN

    R4-CIR07 Global Outreach in Interventional Radiology IR

    R4-CMK03 Elbow, Wrist and Hand Imaging: Pearls and Pitfalls MK

    R4-CMS22 Update your Emergency CT Protocols MS

    R4-CNPM07 Value-based Payment and Imaging: Where Are We Headed? NI

    R4-CNR11 Pain in the Back: A Case-Based Review of Spine Imaging NR

    R4-CPD10 Advanced Pediatric CT Techniques PD

    R4-CPH12 Advanced Ultrasound Technology and Applications PH

    R4-RCP09 Low Quality Radiology Requests and the Effect on Radiology Output and Patient Care (Sponsored by the RSNA Quality Improvement Committee) NI

    3 pm–4 pm

    R5-CBR11 Case-based Review: Post Surgical Breast, Post Radiotherapy, Implants, Breast Augmentation BR

    R5-CIN26 The Report of the Future: Interactive Multimedia Reporting IN

    R5-CMS23 Introducing the “4th Trimester” MS

    R5-CNPM23 AI and Imaging Quality/Safety NI

    R5-CPD11 Whole Body Imaging in Pediatrics PD

    R5-CVA08 Imaging of the Pulmonary Arteries: Spectrum of Imaging Findings VA

    R5-RCP20 Artificial Intelligence in Radiology: Managing Professionalism Challenges (Sponsored by RSNA Professionalism Committee)


    4:30 pm–5:30 pm

    R6-CBR12 Impact of COVID-19 on Breast Imaging and Modification of Practice BR

    R6-CCA11 Does Contrast Induced Nephropathy Really Exist? CA

    R6-CCH12 Practice Updates in Chest Imaging: Guidelines and Research CH

    R6-CGI12 Advanced Techniques for Abdominal Imaging


    4:30 pm–5:30 pm

    R6-CGU06 Imaging with Impact in GYN Oncology GU

    R6-CHN06 Essentials in Head and Neck Radiology: Anatomy, Search Patterns, and Structured Reports HN

    R6-CIN27 Patient Centered Care: Leveraging Informatics Tools to Engage with our Patients IN

    R6-CIR12 PE Thrombectomy and Complex Venous Interventions IR

    R6-CMK13 Post-op Imaging: The Lower Extremity MK

    R6-CMS24 Multimodality Lymphedema Imaging: Update, Challenges, and Opportunities MS

    R6-CNMMI09 Advances in SPECT & PET: Technology & Clinical Applications NR MI

    R6-CNPM24 The Problem with Price: Controversies and Solutions NI

    R6-CNR12 Controversies in Spine Intervention: To stick or not to stick? NR

    R6-CPD12 Challenges in Pediatric Radiology Workflow PD

    R6-CPH13 Protocol Optimization for Low Dose CT PH

    R6-CRO10 Gastrointestinal Oncodiagnostic Session

11:00 AM - 5:30 PM

McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois USA



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